Research Projects (2000 - 2012)




A KABP study substance abuse among youth (12-24 years) in Mauritius

To explore the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and prevalence of cigarette, alcohol and illicit drug use. 600 male and female youth aged 12 to 24 years were randomly selected both from the rural and urban areas. 


Socio-epidemiological  study on HIV-related behaviour among young  people in Mauritius

To explore the prevalence of HIV-related risk behaviour among young people in Mauritius; to examine the association between HIV-related behaviour and social factors among young people in Mauritius


Contraceptive prevalence survey

To study the prevalence of contraception among women 15-49 years


MENDU (Mauritius Epidemiological Network for Drug Use)

The updating of reports every six months


Risk factors associated with suicide in  Mauritius – A case Control Study

Study factors contributing to suicide among suicide attempters in Mauritius


A study of factors influencing substance abuse among youth in housing estates of Mauritius

To identify factors influencing use of substance among youth in housing estates in Mauritius


World Health Survey

Performance, Assessment of Health Systems


Evaluation of the SAMU Services

To evaluate the services provided by SAMU



To explore knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour related to STIs/HIV/AIDS
in the Republic of Mauritius


Study of the socio-economic & cultural determinants of HIV/AIDS epidemic in member countries of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC)

‘’Comprendre les causes du niveau actuellement  bas de la prévalence du VIH et  de prévoir l’avenir ainsi que de proposer des stratégies communes qui peuvent maintenir le taux ou même diminuer l’incidence dans le futur’’


Development of a communication assessment protocol for young children with cleft palate

Compilation of a baseline data on 0-5 year old children with cleft palate and development of a communication assessment protocol


Youth health risk behaviour survey in the Republic of Mauritius

Study on health risk behaviour among youths in Mauritius and Rodrigues


Chikungunya  outbreak 2006

Audit of vector control activities


Chikungunya outbreak 2006

Survey on drug induced perforated Viscus and Gastro-instestinal bleeding among patients treated for Chikungunya


Evaluation of methadone maintenance therapy

To study the operational nature and effectiveness of the methadone substitution therapy.


Survey of medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components in Mauritius

A field study to measure the price, availability, affordability and price components of selected


African tobacco situational analysis

Baseline assessment of and action research on Tobacco Control Programmes


Etude socio-comportementale au VIH/SIDA

Etude socio-comportementale au VIH/SIDA parmi les marins de l’Océan Indien


Health research system analysis institutional survey

To analyse and better understand : the National Health Research System and the  capacity of institutions conducting research on health issues; the systems and mechanisms of knowledge use in  the National Health System


HIV infection and risk behaviour among seafarers in the Indian Ocean

A survey on HIV infection and related risk behaviours among seafarers from the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles


Uptake of treatment care and support among people living with HIV and AIDS in Mauritius

To explore the nature and range of treatment and care provided to People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA )


Study on violence in public hospitals (Island of Mauritius)

To explore the prevalence of reported cases of violence in public hospitals, to identify the nature and scale of the problem and to make recommendations for preventive strategies


Evaluation of tobacco control policies in Mauritius. The International Tobacco Policy evaluation project [ITC Project] . (Wave 1)

To measure the psychosocial and behavioural impact of key national level policies of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco Control [FCTC]. The ITC Project is a collaborative effort with international health organizations and policymakers I 20 countries


Air quality assessment for second hand smoke in hospitality venues in Mauritius

To monitor compliance with smoke-free laws by assessing the quality of indoor air


Strengthening the health information system regarding tobacco use among non-communicable diseases (NCD) patients attending public health instutitions

To strengthen the Health Information System [HIS] at the Ministry of Health, with a view to empower the system for a systematic collection, compilation, analysis and use of data related to tobacco use


Health professionals survey in Mauritius: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP)with respect to tobacco use and smoking cessation

To determine tobacco use prevalence among health professionals; to explore their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP)with respect to tobacco use and smoking cessation and; to assets their skills and training needs in smoking cessation techniques


International tobacco control (ITC) policy evaluation project: ITC Mauritius survey – (Wave 2)

To evaluate national level tobacco control policies


Variation in cigarettes, tobacco use behaviours and exposures in ITC countries: a study among Mauritian smokers (Phase 1)

To examine variability in cigarette brand varieties ; and how these relate to tobacco control policies, and smoker exposures and behaviours across different countries


International tobacco control (ITC) Mauritius report – World Lung  Foundation Media Campaign: ‘Lungs are like sponges’. Top-Line report of evaluation measures from wave 3 of the ITC Mauritius survey

The objective of the Sponge campaign was to increase awareness of the harms of tobacco smoke for smokers and non-smokers


Factors associated with increased rate of caesarean sections in the Island of Mauritius

To identify factors which contribute to the rise in caesarean section rate


International tobacco control (ITC) policy evaluation project: ITC Mauritius survey – (Wave 3)

To evaluate national level tobacco control policies


Mauritius Inherited birth defects registry

To obtain information about children with any type of birth disorders, be it structural, congenital or other conditions

2011 (ongoing)

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